How To Choose The Right Website Designer

Advice & Tips, Design

Searching For A Website Designer You know you need a website. You know you do not have the time or energy to learn how to build one yourself. You know you need help, so you turn to Google and type in “web designers”. (more…)

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Should You Use Stock Photography On Your Website?

Advice & Tips, Design, Photography

Say cheese! Or in some cases with stock photos, you could say cheesy! A picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes but that message may be missing the mark when it comes to using stock photography on your website. (more…)

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Brand Identity Crisis – Don’t Embarrass Yourself

Branding, Design, Logo Design, Marketing

What is the first thing you notice about people? The hair? The eyes? The shoes? At what point during an initial introduction do you make your assessment or judgments about someone? Is it the handshake or their general appearance? Is it the words they speak or the way they conduct…

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New Website for Rotary Dockfest

Design, New Projects, WordPress

We dedicate our time to some great events and causes. Rotary Dockfest is no exception. If you've ever seen the bathtub derby race in Huntsville, you would understand why this is one of the most exciting fundraisers to participate in.  (more…)

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Modern Website Makeovers

Advice & Tips, Before & After, Design, New Projects

With technology, standards and design constantly changing it can make your great website feel and look outdated within two years. You may not need to redesign your entire website! Sometimes a mini-makeover is all it takes. Check out the most recent one we did for Marie Planning & Associates. Boxed version…

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A Different Kind of Design Company

Branding, Customer Service, Design, Uncategorized, Video, Webmaster

For the last few years I have wanted to work with the Orillia based film company, Flypress Films. The only problem was that I didn't want to create a standard business promotional video, we really wanted our story to be authentic and a true representation of our company. It took…

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Benefits of a Good Graphic Designer

Advice & Tips, Branding, Design

How a Good Graphic Designer Can Go a Long Way in Helping You Re-Brand Rebranding is a tricky proposition. There are countless examples of when a rebrand has turned the fortunes of a company around. You only have to look at Harley Davidson, Burberry, McDonald’s and Target to know how…

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Part Two – Katie Wilmshurst: Unveiled

Branding, Creativity, Design, Logo Design, New Projects, Print Materials

It has been a great end to 2013. Spending quiet time with my family and working away in the evening finishing up a few projects. One project in particular has just come to a close. Katie Wilmshurst's rebranding is now complete with a new website. Katie's new website now has…

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The Unveiling… Katie Wilmshurst – Part One

Branding, Design, Logo Design, New Projects, Print Materials

As promised here is the first part of the branding and collateral materials we have created for Katie Wilmshurst. The business cards, mail out flyer and gift certificates were picked up yesterday and they look phenomenal. (more…)

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The Anticipation with Business Remodelling

Design, Webmaster

Anyone who knows me is aware of how much I love what I do. My mind never rests and I always have ideas on how my clients (or prospective clients) can improve their businesses. That being said, not everyone is open to change or growth. It sounds strange, but it's…

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What type of Website do you need?

Advice & Tips, Design

Like most things in life, not everyone’s needs are the same. The same goes for websites. There are many options available and each has its own benefits. Our goal is to provide clients with a website that best serves their current needs as well as supporting future growth. Here are…

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The Hudson Hair Salon Coming to Main Street in Huntsville, Muskoka


There is a nice feeling when a project such as this comes to a close. The anticipation of a new website going live is exciting especially when it’s a new business opening. Huntsville, Ontario is definitely in need of a new hair salon and it’s nice to know that these…

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