Should You Use Stock Photography On Your Website?

Say cheese! Or in some cases with stock photos, you could say cheesy!

A picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes but that message may be missing the mark when it comes to using stock photography on your website.


Why You Need Professional Images On Your Website

We are visual creatures. We enjoy and in many cases need images. Images help break up text, give our eyes a place to rest, and assist us in comprehending new ideas.

Using professional images on your website is an absolute must-have.

Images with low resolution or dark exposure will hurt your website. People today expect clear clean photos and may equate low-quality images with low-quality business.

The difference can be likened to a dingy truck stop motel and the family-friendly, bright and clean hotel. Which one would you rather sleep in?

You want to make your audience feel comfortable. Low-quality photography or badly staged stock photos are cold and impersonal and leave your audience feeling on edge.


When should you hire a professional photographer?

If you are creating a website with the goal of generating profit we recommend you invest in a business photo shoot right away.

A personalized photo shoot of you, your business location, and your products will break down online barriers and offer your website audience a more genuine experience.

People invest in people. By connecting with your website audience visually you will be inviting potential customers to get to know, like, and trust you. You will be building a relationship.


If You Must Use Stock Photos, Use Them With Caution

While authentic photos are ideal sometimes using stock photos is required to help fill in the gaps and preserve the quality of the web design.

The downside of using stock photos on your website is a lack of authenticity.

People do not relate to fake or staged photos. Keeping your online image real will help your target audience connect to you and your brand. Without that connection, you may just be turning people off.


Where to Find Free Stock Photos

So if you find you need to supplement with stock photos you are in luck, there is no lack of stock images available online.

Using search tools you can type in keywords to help you find an image on point with your visual needs. If you are willing to pay a small fee or give the photographer credit you may find photos that are even more appropriate and meet your requirements perfectly.

While there are a number of platforms available for stock photos here are a few of our favourites.

  • Shutterstock
  • Etc
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Need help?

Creating a visually engaging website with the use of images is essential in the online marketplace today. We would be happy to help you determine if you are missing the mark and offer our expertise in upgrading your website.


Not sure where to start? We can help.

Once we've discussed your goals, we'll provide a personalized plan of attack to help you reach them.