How To Choose The Right Website Designer

Searching For A Website Designer

You know you need a website.

You know you do not have the time or energy to learn how to build one yourself.

You know you need help, so you turn to Google and type in “web designers”.

The results are too broad.

You type in “web designers in [insert home town]”

The results are narrowed down, but the choices still seem endless. Who are these people?

How do you choose the right website designer?

While most people would say cost is the deciding factor, we recommend following these top three standards when choosing a website designer.

  1. Credibility

    When you are scrolling through the Google Search results for website designers in your area, click on reviews and read the customer feedback.

    You first want a designer you can trust. Does the feedback paint the designer as an authority in the field or are they just working a side hustle on their Windows 97?

    Are other customers satisfied and pleased with their finished website? Was the site designed on time and for the cost quoted?

    Do your research to see if the designer is indeed whom they say they are, someone with a good reputation and some credibility.

  2. Expertise

    The second thing you want to research is a designer’s portfolio. What other websites have they built?

    If you do not see a portfolio on their website, run the other way! Either they are ashamed of their work, or they have nothing to show off. In either case, they lack the proficiency needed to help you with your website.

    Click through a designer’s portfolio take note of the functionality of the site.

    • Is the site mobile friendly?
    • Are there any broken links?
    • Do all the images show up in the right size?
    • How long does it take to load a page?

    Checking into a designer’s portfolio should give you confidence in their and know-how.

  3. Style

    One final thing you should source out when looking for a website designer is their style.

    What personality do they infuse into their work?

    Every designer will leave his or her fingerprint on a project. You will want to make sure that the style lines up with you and your brand.

    You can have a credible designer with experience and ability, but if the style is off-brand, you might as well pitch it.

    A website needs to be attractive and relevant to your target market. You can build a functional website, but if the personal style is wrong for the brand, you could see a high bounce rate off your site over to your competitors.


    Making The Right Choice

    Making a hasty judgment could be a costly mistake for you so look before you leap. Make the right decision for your business by using these 3 points as your guide.

    Remember to take a moment to check out our website reviews, portfolio, and design style. We would be happy to work with you if we are indeed the right website designer for you!

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