Brand Identity Crisis – Don’t Embarrass Yourself

Branding, Design, Logo Design, Marketing

What is the first thing you notice about people? The hair? The eyes? The shoes? At what point during an initial introduction do you make your assessment or judgments about someone? Is it the handshake or their general appearance? Is it the words they speak or the way they conduct…

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Part Two – Katie Wilmshurst: Unveiled

Branding, Creativity, Design, Logo Design, New Projects, Print Materials

It has been a great end to 2013. Spending quiet time with my family and working away in the evening finishing up a few projects. One project in particular has just come to a close. Katie Wilmshurst's rebranding is now complete with a new website. Katie's new website now has…

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The Unveiling… Katie Wilmshurst – Part One

Branding, Design, Logo Design, New Projects, Print Materials

As promised here is the first part of the branding and collateral materials we have created for Katie Wilmshurst. The business cards, mail out flyer and gift certificates were picked up yesterday and they look phenomenal. (more…)

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