What Ever Happened to Customer Service

Am I alone in my thinking? Has anyone else noticed that customer service seems to have fallen by the wayside. Maybe I’m old school in my thinking, but I don’t believe so. A customer paying for your service should expect to be treated a certain way and to be reasonably satisfied with your end product or service. If they are not, then it should be your job to do what you can to ensure they are looked after to the best of your ability. This is what I observed as customer service growing up and is what I grew to expect from others, as I am sure you do too.

Apparently this isn’t always the case anymore. Many businesses or individuals feel customers are too demanding or have their expectations set too high. The onus should be on the person providing the service to outline what exactly the customer can expect to receive and what their recourse of action is should the service provider not deliver. Sounds straightforward right?

All too often I hear stories from customers that make me give my head a shake. For example, there are webmasters and designers that will charge for you the time they spend on the phone with you. Last I checked, that was something lawyers did and they tell you upfront what their fees are for doing so. Sending a client an invoice for a service they did not realize was beyond the scope of work or billable is wrong. It is also bad business and I do not agree with that especially when the customer is a small business owner or individual that depends on you for your advice or guidance and instills their trust in you.

The irony of a situation like the one I just mentioned is that it is not the invoice or billing for an additional service that the customers or I have an issue with, rather it is the principal of the matter. If you are going to invoice someone for a service, tell them. It is as simple as that. Give them a choice as to whether or not they want to pay for that service once they know it is not free or included. Chances are they won’t mind if given the respect and opportunity to choose for themselves.

In the end, giving your customer the choice will help to clarify expectations and assist the customer in understanding what to expect which will leave less room for disappointment or confusion. My personal philosophy on customer service far exceeds that of most businesses, but I expect a lot from people I do business with and in turn feel that my customers deserve the same.

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