Survive The Summer Slump

Ah! Summer! In Muskoka, this marks the short season where we do not have to clean off the windshields in the morning or think through snowploughs wreaking havoc on the end of our driveways just as we run out the door for work.

You would think with all the extra time and energy saved from fighting Jack Frost we would be extra productive and excited about our work. Think again! We do our best to take our work outdoors into the sunshine, to make the most of our weeknights and weekends but let’s face it; many of us hit a summer slump.

So how do we combat this lack of motivation when all we want to do is sit on the beach? We’ve got a few ideas to get you back on track!


Bring the fun indoors!

Many of us are left feeling like overgrown children forced to stay inside for summer school. Create some workplace excitement by creating an office-wide contest or event. Break up the mundane routine with some little incentives, office parties, or theme days. You may feel that this is a waste of time and resources but remember happy workers are productive workers!


Set some goals!

While we may not feel like doing much right now, use this time to get creative with the future you! Instead of daydreaming about the beach use your imagination to envision some exciting plans for the next quarter. Make a list of goals and brainstorm possible ways to see those goals become a reality. Sometimes, taking the pressure off of today is enough to get us moving again!


Take a break!

That’s right! Sometimes what we need most is a quick fifteen minutes in the fresh air, with a cold drink or a little exercise. They key here is not to get overheated or allow drowsiness to creep in. Do not use this break to go for a walk in the blazing sun or to catnap on the lounge chair. Catch the fun of summer in short bursts throughout your workday. Playing a game of catch in the shade may be just the right amount sizzle to your summer slump!


For most of us, work does not hit a pause in the summer months. Make the most of this time before it slips through our ice-cold fingers once again! So grab your iced latte and toast to being creative, inspired, playful, and productive this summer!


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