Professional and affordable web design and development services for individuals and business.

Reeder Web Design specializes in both WordPress (self-managed) websites and HTML static sites. If those terms sound foreign to you, don’t worry. We can help you determine how to best serve your needs.

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Need A New Website?

There are different options available when creating a new website. Let’s sit down to discuss which options are available to you and what the various benefits will be.

We can custom design a new website or theme a template to save you money if cost is a concern. Some clients don’t need a full website and may benefit from a micro-website or splash page. These are cost effective alternatives to get online fast with limited resources without compromising quality.

Do You Have An Outdated Website?

We are experts at re-designing old websites. Our experience with branding will ensure your customers still recognize your new website which is important since you have built loyalty and trust into your brand identity. Ideally businesses should refresh and update their websites every 5 years to keep up with current coding practices, new technology, and overall visual appeal.

Already Have a Design?

If you have designed your own website, sketched it out roughly, or had another professional design one for you. We can develop (code) it for you. Contact us for pricing and details.