Marketing in 5 Minutes

Do you ever feel like the progress bar has stalled on your marketing endeavours? Now you can press refresh with a few quick and easy tips…

Here are 5 simple marketing goals you can accomplish in 5 minutes each!

Post on social media. 
This could be a picture of you working, a quote from the jobsite, or simply an update on a project you are currently working on. If you’re really ambitious and have 15 minutes you could do all three and schedule them to appear over the next three weeks! How is that for efficiency? The main thing to keep in mind is to not over think this! Just put something out there and let people know you are still around.

Write a thank you letter.
Who was a great client to work with this summer? Has a supplier has gone out of their way to help your company? Has someone referred your services with a glowing recommendation? Go to your email, and for the next five minutes ignore all the unread and unanswered emails and compose a short, but sweet letter of appreciation. You may be in a hurry but you’re never too busy to show gratitude!

Sponsor a cause.
Is there a walk, run, swim event for a good cause coming up? Perhaps your Facebook feed shows one of your friends is involved in a fundraiser and is looking for sponsors. Get out your company credit card and donate online in your company’s name. Not only will your business be supporting a good cause but also showing that your business cares about the community!

Call a past client.
Remember Joe – your client from last fall? Why not give him a quick call to check in and see how your work has held up? Ask if there is anything else you can help him with. A repeat client is the simplest and least expensive to market to. They already know, like, and trust you. Keep the call to five minutes so as not to disrupt their busy day, but touch base and remind them that you care.

Call for backup!
If you are just completely overwhelmed and need to take your focus off of marketing please give us a call. Business owners are often too close to the situation to see all the untapped potential. Let us do what we do best, so that you can focus on what you do best. Together we can make your marketing goals a reality!

Time to hit refresh and get some stuff done. 5 minutes is all it takes. Really!


Not sure where to start? We can help.

Once we've discussed your goals, we'll provide a personalized plan of attack to help you reach them.