Lead Magnets – Your Golden Ticket Online

Do you want more engagement on your website and social media accounts? Of course, you do! Many of us do not know where to begin or are already overwhelmed by our current workload to give it much thought.

I have some good news for you! You likely already have the foundation to create a free engagement tool that will grow your online value, online credibility, and online audience!


  1. Education

What do your customers need to know before they are ready to purchase your product or service? If I am correct, you likely give away this education for free whenever you get the chance! Speaking engagements, consultations, pamphlets, letters, etc.


  1. Engagement

Creating a short ebook, guide, or checklist could be your golden ticket online! A lead magnet on your website or social media can open the door to clients who are already interested in your product or service. This strategy provides your target market with the value up front in an easy to digest format.


  1. Exchange

A lead magnet offers information your target market wants or needs in exchange for their email address. This voluntary exchange creates an open door so you can further educate and encourage warm leads towards a purchase. This strategy works well online because it bridges the gap between customer relationship and sales allowing for a natural customer journey.


So what information do clients need or want before they are ready to purchase? Brainstorm a few ideas to create a quick checklist or outline a short guide. If you do not have time to write the content yourself, you can outsource the writing, design, and digital publication to a freelancer.


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