Huntsville Chamber Business at Lunch

I haven’t posted anything in a while, but have lots to write about. For now I am just going to do a quick post about the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce Business at Lunch happening tomorrow. The ladies from the Hudson Hair Salon are hosting the event and invited me to co-host. I was honoured and accepted the task even though I have no spare time, how could I refuse?

I enjoy working with everyone from The Hudson and try to participate in the Chamber events when I can (this will only be my second attendance to the business at lunch). As a hostess, you are required to make a short speech welcoming local business owners and to donate a door prize. This was a first for me and my business so I had to really think about how I wanted to present myself and my business.

I am very happy with what I came up with that I had to write a blog post about it, even though it is 11:19 pm the night before and I really should still be working! So, here is what my grande idea was: I created my very first gift basket! I figured in the line of work I am in that I should be creative in everything I do. My wonderfully talented designer Mr. Ogilvie created some amazing gift certificates for some lucky business owner to receive a free one hour business consultation and a professional headshot.

Then I wondered… what if the person who wins the door prize doesn’t need or want either of those services? Easy. Make them transferable, so someone who needs them can use them! Well, that’s great for the person who gets them but what about the winner? They should still get something right? Right. Check out what I included to make sure they don’t leave feeling empty handed. Two great coffee mugs with spoons, Reunion Island Organic French Roast Coffee, Specialty Tisane Herbal Tea Assortment, Truffles, Dark Chocolate Shortbread Cookies and Hazelnut Wafer Cookies. The picture says it all. Wish me luck tomorrow.



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