Paul Pascoe


Let’s start at the end. Leah Reeder is amazing! Plain and Simple, amazing.
Doing start-ups is tough as it is. Doing a start-up with a break through technology
that has to get to market as quickly as possible is another kind of tough altogether.
Part of the block and tackle work of any start-up includes a web presence, and I
needed a clean, polished, and uncluttered presence.

When I first met with Leah, she asked about “look and feel”. The best I could offer
was our logo, and that it should look good, and feel comfortable. How she took such
vague instruction and created what she did, I’m not sure.

From that simple start, she created a look and feel that cascades from our website
and mobile site, to letterhead, powerpoint templates and email signatures. Leah has
us looking clean, polished, and uncluttered. A job nicely done.

Beyond the quality of her work, Leah Reeder embodies a solid work ethic and
bookends it with honest reliability. She doesn’t over promise. She levelled with me
about timelines and cost, and she came in on time and on budget. No lowballing to
get a deal, she was up front and forthright.

Since the launch of our site, Leah has done updates and edits as needed, virtually in
real time as I asked. She troubleshoots and problems solves as thought she were on
our payroll. When you work with Leah, she is on your team. She communicates freely
with everyone in our organization, and acts as though she is on call.

Interestingly, since our initial meeting, I haven’t spent more than an hour with Leah in person.
She is such an effective electronic communicator that in-person meetings are
almost pointless. I could work with Leah if she were across the street, across town, or
half way around the world.

Leah’s work is fantastic, and she backs it up with service that is second to none. If
you have the opportunity to work with Reeder Web Design, I strongly suggest
you do, and that you will be very please with Leah’s results.

Thank you Leah.