Does Your Website Get To The Point?

You know when you get stuck talking to someone, and they take forever to get to the point? If they are family we usually tolerate it, if they are friends we extend patience, but if they are strangers, or worse, salespeople we shut them right down.

The same is true for our online message. If we take too long to get to the point or answer the question, we get shut down. Our websites need to be quick, relevant and build the respect of our viewers.



Your website design will impact your rate of conversions. Slow page loads can increase bounces – visitors will leave after only seeing one page of your site – or half the page if they decide not to wait around. Faster full-site load time will lead to a lower bounce rate. Poorly written code with unnecessary features is often responsible for slower load times. You can check your website’s page speed on both desktop and mobile devices using Google’s free resource PageSpeed Insights.



Your website cannot only look good; your content must be relevant to perform well in search engines and make conversions. If your website is optimized for search engines, people will find your site because they are looking for exactly what you are offering. You do not walk into a car dealership looking for roller skates.

When you design your website with content that answers the right questions, gets right to the point, and sells exactly what your visitors need you will see results. The more relevant you are, the higher you will rank in search both organically and in pay per click advertising.

You can monitor the relevancy of your website using tools like Google Analytics and Google Adwords to see which keywords and search terms bring the best results.



We listen to people we know, like, and trust. Your website needs to make up for the lack of face-to-face connection with potential clients. The online strategy for building trust is to offer high value. Provide great content, put your client’s needs first, clearly outline what you offer, and provide social proof that you are an authority worthy of trust.

So how do you measure your online influence? Using analytics and insights you can track traffic, incoming links, and engagement.


So where does your website stand? Do you drive traffic and conversions to your site or do you turn people away? A well thought out website needs clean code, compelling content, and a committed community.

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